SPAN 312B: Islamic Medieval Spain in Literature, History, and Cultural Memory

2021W T2 | M/W 3-4:30pm | Cross-listed with HIST 390D

Counts towards MES credit, Arts literature requirement, and all RGST specialisations.

What is a Student-Directed Seminar?

The 3-credit SDS courses invite upper-year undergraduate students to explore topics not currently offered at UBC Vancouver. As the student coordinator, I look forward to facilitating the peer-led, discussion-based seminar. Each student will build their own learning experience and contribute to the learning outcomes of their peers.

Course Description

A survey into the role of identity, race, and power in Medieval Spain as markers of transition towards 'modernity' (711-present). Topics include:

•Contemporary debates around the Convivencia: Interfaith Relations in Al-Andalus
•A history of the Reconquest of Spain and the Crusades, 722-1492
•Legal history around the Inquisition, Conversion, and Expulsion, 1492-1526
•The intersection between the Image of the ‘other’ and the Legacy of the ‘New World’
•Nationalism, European Integration, and Immigration
•The Conflicting systems of power in primary and secondary textual evidence, such as propaganda and poetry


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Hi, I'm Eman Alsulaiti (She/her)! I'm entering my fourth and final year, majoring in Modern European Studies with a minor in Spanish. I'd be happy to hear from you to discuss any aspect of the course or receive your statement of intent at this address!